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1920’s – 1990’s City Directories & Telephone Books on CD & DVD & Downloads
"Spyral" back in time to capture records of people and their lives in past years. 
Our Directory CD's, DVD's & Downloads are easy to use & provide high quality scans
of the actual pages, plus the entire contents are fully text searchable by keywords.
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City Directories - Typical Features:  
  • Residences & Businesses - Alphabetical Listings ♦ Head of Household, Spouse, Adult Children, Roomers  ♦ Occupations, Employer's name ♦ Numerical Telephone Numbers (the early form of "Caller I.D.")  ♦ Yellow Pages, Classified Buyer’s Guide, Alphabetical by business type  ♦  Street Guide 

Phone Directories - Typical Features:  

  • White Pages  – Alphabetical Business and Residences ♦  Selected occupations are sometimes listed, for example:  Doctor, Lawyer, Real Estate, Insurance Agent  
  • NOTE: Reverse Telephone & Address Indexes are not always present in old phone books, however you may use the Adobe® Reader® search tool to find any individual, even by their first name, living on a certain street, or with the same telephone number, etc. 

Reference Resource for Time & Place:  Many times an investigator searches the Internet for references to certain records only to find that they are from the 1700’s or 1800’s.  These types of records are virtually useless for the searcher whose investigation starts in the 1960’s!  SpyralSearch can provide the records you want and need from the recent past, including old copies of yellow pages, digitized and available to buy online. Our continuously growing collection includes old phone books starting as early as the 1920s and spans the decades through the 1990s. Why wait? Find the local phone book you're looking for and download a PDF today! 

Family Ties & GenealogyOur City Directories will enable you to see the individuals with the same last name that may meet your criteria – single, married, occupation, etc. and also names of other family members, residing in the household.  For example, you know that in 1960 “Unknown” Smith was a college student living at home with her parents in El Paso, that her father was a carpenter, and her mother was an accountant.  Your search criteria would pull up all “Smith’s” in the 1961 El Paso Directory, and you could possibly identify the right family, and acquire the first names of the college student and her parents, enabling you to locate them currently.  If your search subject has a common first and last name, a City Directory can provide a middle initial and help narrow down your list. 

Genealogists, Searchers, and Investigators  are the modern day Historians, and  have long known the wealth of information found in old City Directories and Phone Books to find clues and links to persons and places of a past time period. Accessing the information in these directories used to involve trips or letters to the libraries, but now SpyralSearch has made it possible to do research in your own home or office by having the old telephone directory information on CDs or online digital downloads. Our collection of thousands of old business directory listings, residential and local community directories allow you to search for a specific person, location or company from the past. Our archive of local listings are fully searchable, making it easy to identify the data you need.  

Tremendous Search Tool:  As investigators of all types know, it is often necessary to go backward into the past in order to get vital information that will enable you to come forward to the present.  While there are many reputable data providers on the web offering current information on individuals or businesses, you must be able to provide correct information to search.  The older information can be so important to gain a “starting place” in your search in order to then come forward to locate your subject currently.  

Features:  High quality - 300 dpi resolution of original pages in pdf format. Old reference sources are maximized beyond their original value and have been transformed into powerful research tools with endless search capabilities. You can have this unique resource available on your own computer and avoid trips and calls for lookups at the library.  Old yellow pages, directories and telephone books have been scanned, page by page onto cd's so you can review the actual copy of the directory.  But better yet - all the listings are fully text searchable by keywords such as name, occupation, business, street name, address, phone number, etc. using the search feature in Adobe® Reader®.   


SpyralSearch and Research Etc.  are the companies that produce and provide the old phone books for sale and other products that are available on this site. 
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