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AZ - Flagstaff & Area 1966 White Pages

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Fully text-searchable, the Flagstaff 1966 White Pages includes 51 pages with about 10,000 listings for: 

  • Ashfork – Bridgeport - Camp Verde - Centerville - Clarkdale - Clemenceau
  • Cornville - Cottonwood - Flagstaff - Grand Canyon - Jerome - Page 
  • Page SpringsSedona - Seligman - Smelter City - Williams -
  • Kayenta & Leupp & Tuba City (Bureau of Indian Affairs)

This phonebook CD will provide the following information: 


·        Residential, Business & Government Listings

·        Full name - Address – Telephone number

·        Some occupations are listed, for example:

                        “Rev” “Painter” “Maj” “Atty” “Phys” “Capt USMC


Notes:  The classified Yellow Pages are not included on this CD, but you will find all the business listings in the white pages.


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