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Illinois Directories > IL - Charleston 1924-25 City Directory - Rare!
IL - Charleston 1924-25 City Directory - Rare!

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Fully text-searchable, the Charleston, Illinois 1924-25 City Directory CD has 128 scanned pages of Residential and Business listings including the following communities:


Ashmore - Kansas - Lerna - Westfield - Loxa

Bushton - Rardin - Fair Grange


All pages are fully text-searchable by any keyword - first or last name, business name, phone number, address, or partial name.  You may also use it as a regular phone book and do alphabetical lookups.


This directory CD will provide the following information: 


"...a complete residence and occupational directory of all adults, 18 years and over, also names and ages of all children under 18 years of age.  Business firms, institutions, etc.


A classifed business directory and a miscellaneous directory, post office, schools, churches, associations, clubs, lodges, secret societies and organizations.  Also an alphabetical list of the farmers on the rural routes served out of the city and villages as mentioned above."



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